Quilted Bed Jackets

$ 1,495.00


We are so excited to collaborate with a local quilt collector, Neeneetwigs, to bring you these beautiful Quilted Bed Jackets. Each jacket is unique as these are made from the remnants of an antique quilt that was too damaged to continue its current life as a quilt. It's beautiful to wear out and about, or keep it cozy at home by wearing over our white cotton nightgowns

Please note that each jacket is made from an antique quilt, and that there will be wear and tear consistent with a quilt that has been well-loved. Each jacket will be unique as it will be made from a different part of the quilt.


Made in the U.S.A. by Neeneetwigs 

Quilt Jackets are one size fits most.

Indigo Irish Chains: hand stitched circa 1910

Cinnamon Pink Ohio Star: hand stitched in the late 1800s

Pink Maple Leaf: hand stitched in the 1930s

Tumbling Blocks: hand stitched circa 1930-1940 using flour sack and novelty fabrics

Grandmother's Garden: hand stitched circa 1930-1940