Gardening Companions

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Each year as the ground thaws after a cold winter, it needs a bit of nurturing before it is ready to welcome seeds. Each part of preparing the soil, sowing the seeds, weeding and caring for the plants, and enjoying the harvest is aided by a few of these helpful tools. 

To keep all of your gardening accouterments together, consider our Canvas Wall Organizer.



  • Log Carrier: 38.58" in length (when opened up) x 18.11" wide.
  • Kneeler: 17.32" in length x 9.06" wide x 1.97" thick.
  • Seed Dibber: 8.66" x 1.38" x 1.38".
  • Glass Markers: 2.76" long.
  • Glass Thermometer: 11.81" (not including hanging loop).

Made of:

  • Log Carrier/Kneeler: waxed canvas.
  • Seed Dibber: hardwood.
  • Glass Markers: glass, cork, and linen cord.
  • Glass Thermometer: glass, cork, and stainless steel.