Sola Cube

$ 42.00


Japanese botanical cubes are a beautiful way to encompass a bit of nature's beauty. The are both artful and simple. 

By observing a small plant carefully, we are able to glimpse a more perfect world.
The name “Sola” is expressed with the Chinese kanji 宙, which means “universe.”
This kanji explains everything we know and don’t know, including time and space, with a single character. Sola also has another meaning: “blue sky.” An imaginary world spreads out like the sky before us.

Every Sola cube is carefully handmade by an experienced Japanese craftsman, and each one takes considerable time and effort to complete. Outstanding craftsmanship is required to ensure that this small transparent cube, which measures only 4cm, holds a plant at its very center and that no air bubbles get inside.

We love the idea of using these on a bookshelf, desk, or in a homeschool setting. Nature is a fascinating thing.


Measures 1.6" x 1.6".

Cubes are made of acrylic. The display boxes are made of wood and brass.

Made in Japan.