Brass Bells for the Home

$ 18.00


One of the most famous American symbols, known as the Liberty Bell, is inscribed with the phrase:  "Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof"

Tea Bells: A solid brass tea bell with New England hardwood handle. There is something about a simple bell that is joyful and happy. Take them to a parade and let them ring!



  • 2T: 3.75" in height and 2" diameter
  • 3T: 4" in height and 2.3125" diameter

Made of solid brass and New England hardwood handle.

Made in the U.S.A.

Shopkeeper’s Bell: used the world over to let stores know when a customer has entered. Or, hang it down low and train your dog to ask to be let out. Put it in an office so you know when someone arrives. It is a low tech, low-cost alarm system for someone entering a house. Or have it just because it makes a nice sound every time your door opens and closes.


Measures 4" × 6" × 2".

Made of a solid brass bell mounted on a spring steel black finished bracket brass.