Snowdrop Jewelry

$ 68.00


Each year, the snowdrop rises through the frozen winter ground. It defies the bleak midwinter and brings hope that spring will come again. While they most often flower in early February, it is not unusual to see these lovely florals anytime between December and March. With 20 species and over 700 varieties of Galanthus, it has a series of common names: Snowdrop, Milk-Flower,  Candlemas Fells, Fair Maids of February, and many more. These flowers are native to Europe and the Middle East.

Many tell of its start in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve were banished from the garden and sent into the bleak world, an angel came to escort them from the garden. As the angel descended from the realms above droplets of ice and snow gathered in the angel's palms. Saddened by the task of forcing them to leave the garden, he blew upon the snowflakes in his hands. Each snowflake warmed and grew into a white petaled flower with a drooping head. As the angel placed his hands on the shoulders of Adam and Eve to lead them from the only home they had ever known, these droplets of snow became flowering bulbs to go with them into the new world. They were to be symbols of hope in a dark wilderness, that God's light and love would come again into their lives.



  • Pendant: 16" to 18" chain adjustable pendant
  • Earrings: 1" dangle
  • Brooch: 2"

Made of cast bronze with a hand patina finish, accented with peridots and cast glass, and the wires are 925 silver with 24k gold plating.

Made in the U.S.A.