Shéhérazade Jewelry

$ 60.00


These necklaces are inspired by the heroine of Arabian Nights: Tales of 1,001 Nights. They can layer perfectly as each necklace is slightly shorter than the next. Wear one or wear four, they are each unique and are imbued with a character quality. Shéhérazade was the master storyteller. Her qualities were many and developed over time. She was well-read and studied much. Here is a small excerpt from the story:

"Now this Vizier had two daughters, the elder called Shehzad and the younger Dunyazad, and the former had read many books and histories and chronicles of ancient kings and stories of people of old time; it is said indeed that she had collected a thousand books of chronicles of past peoples and bygone kings and poets. Moreover, she had read books of science and medicine; her memory was stored with verses and stories and folk-lore and the sayings of kings and sages, and she was wise, witty, prudent and well-bred” - Arabian Nights: Tales of 1,001 Nights  

Enchanting: With its twisted chain, the Enchanting medal shows a leaves pattern framed with beaded bunches coming into the circle.

Delicate: The medal has a floral pattern enlivened by a braided edge. Impossible not to succumb to its chain with an intertwined link.

Glowing: A star-shaped setting enhanced by a topaz Swarovski crystal is embedded in the Glowing medal. It creates a pretty tone-on-tone with the gold. The Swarovski crystal's hue is smoked topaz (iridescent brown). 

Loving: This medal is adorned with a bas-relief heart finely framed with ornamental engravings on the edges. Its elegant and thin chain goes along with it.



  • Enchanting: chain is 21.65" with an extension of 1.18"
  • Delicate: chain is 19.69" with an extension of 1.18"
  • Glowing: chain is 17.72" with an extension of 1.18"
  • Loving: chain is 15.75" with an extension of 1.18"

Made of brass and tine, gilded with 24k gold.

Made in Paris, France by Louise Damas.