Lord of the Rings Wax Seals

$ 24.00


The magnetic handle is sold separately but can be used for multiple seals. Wax Seal Handles use a strong neodymium magnet at the head for quick and easy swapping of our steel stamp head coins without the need for tools and tedious unscrewing.

Tree of Gondor: This wax seal features The White Tree of Gondor with the sword Andúril and the seven Palantíri. The coin is dated year 1 of the Fourth Age. The text is inscribed in Tengwar.

Rivendell Moon: An elvish coin from Rivendell, or Imladris in Sindarin, is shaped like a crescent moon. It depicts the Rivendell valley, flanked by waterfalls, containing the ancient trees of silver and gold and the three Silmarils, represented as stars.

Shire Willow Tree: In the border surrounding the willow of this wax seal coin, the symbols translate to: Silver Penny of The Shire, the abode of the Hobbits. The willow represents South Farthing as well as Summer.

Wax is not included.

Packaged in a folded envelope with a wax seal.

Officially licensed The Lord of the Rings™ merchandise.


Measures 1" in diameter.

Made of paper and a magnetic steel wax seal coin. 

Made in the U.S.A.