Braided Hearts Sheet

$ 8.00

Hans Christian Andersen, the master storyteller in Danish history, had many talents. Not only did he write some of the most famous fairytales the world has every seen, but he was also a masterful paper artist. One of the items he created frequently were these braid paper hearts. These hearts are fairly simple to put together and you end up with a small pouch or basket. 

Today, these paper hearts are used in Denmark as Christmas tree ornaments. However, we have found that we love to use them to send secret messages to our Valentines. So if you need a creative project for the sweet little loves and a fun traditional valentine, start with these pre-cut sheet with a variety of colors. 

Instructions included.


Set of 15 push-out hearts ready to weave.

Measures vary in 3 different sizes.

Made of paper.

Made in Europe.