Welsh Vintage Rose Throws

$ 310.00


In our searches around the world, we have come across what we believe to be a practically perfect throw blanket. Handwoven at Melin Tregwynt, on the southwestern coast of Wales, these wool throws have been refined over generations of weavers and makers. Made of 100% wool, these stunning double-cloth weaves are filled with love, warmth, and meaning. As two layers of fabric are woven at the same time, points of interchanging threads create a reversible pattern, binding the layers together in a way that presents detailed woven patterns. Each pattern has a history behind it. We have chosen three different patterns to bring in that we feel have powerful meanings.  

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Finished with a simple hem on all four sides.


Measures 78.74" x 51.18".

Made of 100% pure new wool.

Made in Wales.

Care instructions: dry clean only.