Anne Locket

$ 164.00

The medallion opens so that you can insert small secrets. Perhaps a love note, a photo of one of life's perfect moments, or even a small keepsake.  A good locket is a place of memories. In sentimentality, no other piece of jewelry can capture memories quite like it. This particular locket is of modern construction, with an old-world feel. It is etched with a stunning botanical design, that is not too flowery, nor too simple. 

We are inspired by Anne in Anne of Green Gables with this little piece of keepsake jewelry.

It is in vermeil (24k gold-plated 925 silver). It opens up and can hold little secrets inside.


Measures 0.59" wide and 19.69" long.

Made of gold vermeil (sterling silver, plated in gold).

Made by Louise Damas in Paris, France.

Care instructions: unlike brass gilded with fine gold, water does not harm vermeil. To care for your jewelry, never wash it with chemical products. Just rub it with a soft cloth and a bit of talcum powder.