First, let's get in the mood and talk about the lore of love and valentines through the ages. We are a people fascinated and ruled by love. We sing about it, write about it, dream about it, feel it, chase it, lose it, and celebrate it on the 14th day of February. Some sources say the holiday came from the ancient Roman festivals and Cupid's playful tricks. Others say it started with Saint Valentine, a priest, secretly marrying couples against the emperor's decree.

As the story is told, during the 3rd century, it was said that Emperor Claudius forbade young men from marrying as they were needed in the army at a young age, most of them dying before reaching marriageable age. A priest named Valentine married young couples secretly which allowed them to escape the army and have a family instead. When Valentine's treachery was discovered, he was martyred on February 14th. During his imprisonment, he wrote notes to friends, offering messages of solace and love, always signing them "from your Valentine".

My husband and I have been discussing our plans for Valentine's Day. Usually we try to go out for a meal together or do something special like attend the ballet or see a movie. However, this year has already been busier than we like and we are craving some time together at home. 

Here are a few ways we are going to create a romantic evening at home together. Full disclosure, we don't have kids yet, so it is easier for us to just enjoy an evening at home together, but if you want to include your kids in the festivities, they will enjoy it too! Or if you want to get the kids a heart-shaped pizza and put on a movie, or get a babysitter, I bet they will adore that too. Or if you haven't found your person yet, adapt this enjoy an evening with a group of friends. 

In Preparation:

Take a bit of time before the evening comes, or make it a part of the evening, and write each other a love letter. Tell the other person the things that you love most about them. Share one of your favorite memories together from the last year, and express your gratitude and love. It can be long, with this beautiful letter-pressed card, or short and sweet, with one of our vintage valentines.

Enjoy A Candlelit Dinner:

Start by putting some romantic music on, you can't go wrong with the sultry sounds of Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald.  And then put your phones away! Give each other your full attention as you dance around the kitchen, whisper sweet nothings as you make dinner, or wait for your takeout order. Set the table with the special dishes, a lovely tablecloth, and candles. Turn the lights down low and sit close, tangle legs. 


Talk to Each Other: 

To keep yourself from talking about the mundane parts of life. Here is a short list of conversation starter questions to get the talk away from the mundane. We love these kinds of questions. Some of them are quick answers and some of them turn in to hour long discussions (and the occasional debate). They get us out of our norm and recognize the changes in each other. 

Do you want to be more like or less like your parents?

What's one article of clothing you could never part with?

What do you think is your best quality?

What do you think is my best quality?

How do you think you’ve changed in the last 10 years?

Have you read a book that changed the way you think about life?

What song that reminds you of our relationship?

Who was your celebrity crush as a teenager?

What's something you were weirdly into for too long?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

What would be your dream vacation and what would you do on it?

How did you know you were in love with me?

What new hobby would you like to start?

Have you had any weird dreams recently? 



Work Together, Play Together: 

Clean up the dishes together and then do something playful. Perhaps you battle each other in a round of Mario Kart, do a romantic puzzle, play a game, or watch a favorite film or tv show. Some of our favorite romantic films are How to Catch a Thief, About Time, or Serendipity. We also enjoy reading aloud to each other, a magazine article, or book.  

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January 06, 2023 — Chelsey Newbould

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