Growing up, I was definitely the most spoiled child. As the youngest and only girl, with six older brothers, I was my mama's best little friend. I think she was so excited to finally have a girl, that we did all the best girly things. The only time she ever really got a chance to watch a movie was either while she was folding laundry or ironing or if she designated a "girls" movie night, just for the two of us. I remember loving the days when we would go to the grocery store and get "girl" snacks and set up in front of the television, kick all the boys out, and turn on the Anne of Green Gables mini series (the Megan Follows version, of course).

Mother's Day offers an opportunity to reflect on the wildly intense bond between a mother and child. One way I've learned to love and celebrate this day is to create lasting memories with my mom as our relationship continues to evolve. Over the years, as life takes on a new busyness, it has become more apparent that what my mom and I really want is time together doing our favorite things: reading books and watching movies in our nightgowns.

So as I have contemplated how to spend some quality time with my mom, while simultaneously making it feel like a "gifted" experience, I was reminded of those childhood "girls" movie nights. So this year, I want to make a point of watching our favorite movies based on the best classic books, while, of course, wearing white cotton nightgowns (she loves them as much as I do, and always like a new one). My mom was the one who taught me to love Jane Eyre's strength of character. She encouraged my imagination, just like Anne Shirley's. 

These literary classics are not just entertaining; they are also rich in history and cultural significance. Pride & Prejudice offers a glimpse into the social customs and values of 19th century England, while Jane Eyre explores themes of love, class, and gender roles. By watching these films with my mom, we have the opportunity to delve deeper into the meaning of these works and learn more about the culture and history behind them, but also seeing the things that feel relevant in our own lives.

This kind of time together provides a perfect opportunity to share in the magic of storytelling and become immersed in the captivating vignettes of history. Now we love having our own bookclub, just the two of us, and then we get together to watch the movie version. Last year we started reading Lark Rise to Candlefordbefore making time to watch some of the BBC miniseries together. We still haven't finished it, but its really about getting together to just enjoy an evening.

As we create memories together, we are creating something that money cannot buy. These shared experiences are the ones that I will treasure for a lifetime and that will continue to bring us closer together as the years go by. My grandfather recently passed away, and my grandmother moved in with my parents.  I find myself often just wanting to hangout with my mom and grandma. Sometimes we watch or read something, but mostly we just talk.  I treasure the generational knowledge and wisdom that comes from these two women who have seen so much of life.

Whether we're discussing the differences between the book and the movie or debating the motivations of the characters, or just talking about life and love, these conversations are enriching and soul-expanding.

So, snuggle up in your cotton nightgowns and enjoy this magical experience with your mom–it's a gift that you both deserve. It allows you to unplug, relax, and connect with each other in a meaningful way. This shared experience offers a unique opportunity to strengthen your relationship, create lasting memories, and appreciate the beauty of literature and film. 

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May 01, 2023 — Chelsey Newbould
Tags: Mother's Day

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