When traveling to Whitby, a tiny fishing village on the Northeast Coast of England I came across a navy blue, wool, cable-knit sweater with a very interesting pattern. Chelsey had found a similar sweater years before with a different pattern. We learned then that each of the fishing villages had their own unique pattern. The practical purpose being that if an unfortunate fisherman washed up on the shoreline after a storm he could be easily identified and taken to his village and family.


The other purposeful element of the pattern is more sentimental. The belief was that your cable-knit was like a tether to home or to your sweetheart. The cable carefully knitted for you was a protective omen guiding you back home each night after a long days work.



This cable or rope ring from Ruth Tomlinson (a bespoke British jeweler we absolutely love) is our fun modern take on this age old tradition. A ring that would fit on both a feminine and masculine hand with the same sentiment. Most of our jobs are not as perilous as fishing in a skiff in the frigid northern waters but more often now we send our loved ones across great distances to a board meeting, a tradeshow or a new client consultation.

More mothers are leaving the nest and taking on the same brave role as the fisherman of old. We love the idea of sending them off with a reminder and momento of home and those that love them there. No better spot than on the hand where glancing down while typing or sitting through another long presentation she is reminded that wherever she goes she is needed and her return is eagerly anticipated.



We will be sharing more from Ruth Tomlinson as we approach Mother's Day and the anticipation of wedding and anniversary season. You can see our full collection of her delicate and timeless work here. We will also be sharing more about Whitby this fall when we will encourage you to read Dracula again. 



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May 07, 2019 — Brad Roberts


Lesa Carter said:

I love this sweet way of identifying your home town!!

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