We are so excited for this next installment in our series about makers and creators. Our Creator Series features people from around the world who are creating beautiful things. We love approaching life and business with a collaborative mindset, eager to recognize beauty and learn from each other, especially when it comes to keeping craft alive in our world today. We also love to hear stories of multi-generational family craftsmen passed down with all the love and skill. With both of these in mind, we would like to talk about the ancient art of embroidery and introduce you to Rosita Studio.

Working with Maria, the owner and creator behind Rosita Studio, has been so delightful. Rosita Studio is a bespoke embroidery studio based in Wiltshire, UK with a playful and delightful eye for for color and beauty. We sent Maria a few of our white cotton nightgowns and asked her to make them her own with her embroidery. She embroidered a few different floral designs as well as a monogram making each nightgown unique. We hope this inspires you to adorn your own nightgowns, and other treasures, with a bit of embroidery. Shop our embroidery collection to purchase a floral embroidery sampler from Rosita Studio and a nightgown to get started!


Creator: Maria Gispert, Rosita Studio

Where did you learn your craft?  

I started sewing when I was about 5… my mum had (and still has) a pattern and dressmaking school in my hometown in the Northeast of Spain and I used to go every day after school. I started with cross stitch and hand embroidery and when I was a bit older, I began learning how to make my own clothes too. When I was 18, I moved to Barcelona and studied Fashion Design and Pattern and Dressmaking as well. Even though I love making clothes, hand embroidery was something I’d always go back to. This and my passion for interiors made me create Rosita Studio in 2020 in the UK, where I’m based now.

Where do you find inspiration? 

Everywhere! I have a very good visual memory and my brain is like a Pinterest account full of boards made of all sorts of things I see every time I leave the house: a painted door, a pretty flower, someone’s outfit… When I’m specifically looking for inspiration, I love to look at patterned tiles, colourful ceramics and vintage embroidery patterns. I’m also heavily inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, having grown up on a rural environment full of traditions that involved craftmanship.

What materials do you use and why is the materiality important to you?

I always work with a 100% linen (except for my cotton bedlinen). Linen is a natural and durable fabric that comes in loads of beautiful bright colours and that is very easy to hand stitch. For me is important to always work on high quality fabrics because hand embroidery takes a long time, and all my pieces are made to last. 

What does your process look like?

When I work on commissions, which are always bespoke pieces, I start discussing the embroidery design and fabric options with the customer. We exchange references and share different ideas that help me create one or more sketches to show the customer. Once we agree on a design I move on to the fabric and thread! If I’m making napkins or tablecloths, I will first sew the hems and leave the embroidery for the end but in other situations, for example when I make scalloped cushions or basket linings, I prefer to do the hand embroidery first and then sew the piece. The final step is to press, pack and have a little walk to my local post office to send the parcel to its new home. 

What has this art form done for you personally?

It just makes me very very happy! It’s given me the chance to create my dream creative job. Sewing has always been my hobby but now I get to do it every day and I love it. Before Rosita Studio, I used to struggle to find time to be creative while working a full-time job and now it’s part of my day-to-day life which feels amazing. 

Do you train apprentices or have a way of helping your craft to extend its longevity?

I don’t have any apprentices yet but earlier this year I created my own embroidery kits for people to learn hand stitching. There are two kits, both beginners level: A stitch sampler for floral embroidery and a monogramming kit to stitch a pair of linen napkins. I’m also working on a third one now which will be full of floral embroidery too. I also host in person workshops every now and then as well and I’m thinking on doing the online jump soon!

Shop our collection to purchase your own embroidery kit and nightgown to get started. 


September 16, 2022 — Heirloom Staff

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