Colby Sanford is an artist we've had our eye on for a while now. His work is displayed across Utah County, and we're delighted every time we come across one of his pieces. Colby will be stopping in throughout the month to paint in-store. We will hold a closing reception October 27th from 6-9pm.

Do you have a process for creating ideas or getting into a creative mindset? 

I get my inspiration from every day life. The repetition of living has a melancholy beauty that pulls me in. I try not to wait for inspiration to strike before picking up the paint brush though. It’s more like I set strict hours of when to work and as I’m working I find inspiration comes through subconscious reflection on my day. 

What brought you to painting? 

Interestingly enough I was always painting but was more drawn to ceramics at a young age. My wife and I moved to China two weeks after we got married and lived at a ceramics factory. It was then, when I had every facility for ceramics available to me that painting somehow rose to the surface. Ever since our time there, painting has just been my most honest medium. I’m drawn to the slow process of building up an image as opposed to the quick click of a shutter that photography offers. It’s more real life.

What obstacles have you had to overcome to become the painter you are?

It’s not so much big obstacles that needed overcoming but more every day small things: It’s getting up early and carving out time during the day. Making sure that deadlines are clear and that I give myself enough time to create freely for them. Just plain communicating with those around me. Keeping at it consistently over the years. 

What do you believe the role of art is in the home?

Art brings a certain feel to the space. There is a huge difference between a print and an original piece of art. Art is also a good way to remember, focus, and learn.  What we choose to surround ourselves with becomes part of us. 

What paintings have been the most personally moving to you?

I love to see anything by Vuillard.  I am also floored by the detail in Andrew Wyeth paintings.  I had the chance to see “Christina’s World“  this summer and it’s much better in person. There’s so much movement, emotion and depth in just the grass.

Little crayon scribbles that my daughter has been just starting to do are also really interesting to me. It’s beautiful to see her create. 

What paintings do you remember from your family home?

Lots of the art in my home growing up was just the things my brothers and sisters did. We were all encouraged to create in our own ways. I did one painting my sophomore year that my dad pulled out of the garbage, framed and put up in our entryway. To this day he still says it’s his favorite thing I’ve done. We also had two portraits of my great great grandfather and grandmother. There’s been lots of family discussion over those pieces, mostly about family history and a pull to know who these people were, even if it is just making up stories sometimes.

What paintings do you have currently in your home? 

In the spaces that aren’t covered with my works-in-progress, I have a piece by Justin Wheatley, a Leslie Duke of a mandarin orange, a really beautiful Paige Anderson, a drawing that Caitlin Connolly did, and some watercolor scribbles that our daughter did for Mother’s Day.

View Colby Sanford's art here.

October 03, 2017 — Heirloom Art & Co.

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