Wild & Tame Animals
by Dahlov Ipcar

$ 19.95

Once Again Dahlov Ipcar teaches children very simply about animals the world over.  Her straightforward approach and creative style produces a book that helps young readers understand the relationship between animals and people, “Once upon a time some animals were wild now they are tame.”  Beginning readers will have fun naming each particular animal found while exploring all the continents of the world.  Lush jungles, dry deserts, cold arctic regions, farms, forests and even nearby woods provide the perfect way to learn about the wonders of wild and tame animals.

Note: Ipcar’s lithographic plates were lost many years ago, however, the publisher Flying Eye Books, “has worked to faithfully restore and reproduce the quality of the original art...painstakingly remastering each brushstroke while keeping the integrity of the line.



You will love this book about animals.  Can you name all the animals on the inside cover?  Practice with mom and dad then you can share with me the next time I visit.

Love you lots,

Grandma Kathy

Gift with: a map of the world, glove, menagerie of animals, or an elephant.

Gift to: young children learning names of animals, a teacher, or a veterinarian to have in the office for visitors. 

Occasion: before/after a visit to the zoo, for a child who lives in another part of the world, for a child who is learning the names of the continents, or for a beginning artist who loves to draw animals.

Written and Illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar


48 pages
Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 0.4 x 10.3 inches

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