Welsh Handwoven Wool Throws

$ 199.00

In our searches around the world, we have come across what we believe to be a practically perfect throw blanket. Handwoven at Melin Tregwynt, on the southwestern coast of Wales, these wool throws have been refined over generations of weavers and makers. Made of 100% wool, these stunning double-cloth weaves are filled with with love, warmth, and meaning. As two layers of fabric are woven at the same time, points of interchanging threads create a reversible pattern, binding the layers together in a way that presents detailed woven patterns. Each pattern has a history behind it. We have chosen three different patterns to bring in that we feel have powerful meanings.  

Knot Garden:

One of the most iconic Welsh patterns. While this particular version of the Knot Garden was designed during the 1950’s by the Welsh rural industries board, it is combination and variation of many 18th and 19th century patterns including the Lover’s Knot and the Welsh Chain. These patterns were meant to symbolize the intertwining of human relationships, kept strong through their bonds.

St. Davids Cross:

Named after the patron saint of Wales; St. David’s Cross. This pattern is not as complex in its execution but truly beautiful in simplicity. This pattern was inspired by the Shaker weaves of the 18th century. The Shakers left England to pursue religious freedom in America and were known for the pursuit of simplicity in the items they had in their home.

Patrwm Patagonia:

A more recent design, but with roots in the past.  Pioneers from Wales traversed the Atlantic in 1815 to found a colony in Patagonia. To commemorate the bicentennial this design, inspired by Welsh doublecloth and native South American patterns, uses distinctive colors of the Patagonian landscape.

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Size: approx 200cm x 130cm
Material: 100% pure new wool
Care: Dry Clean only
Finished with a simple hem on all four sides.
Made in Wales

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