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Welcome to the Universe

$ 39.95

Simplified and largely entertaining summary of various principles of astrophysics and the workings of the universe.

If the word astrophysics conjures nightmares of vectors, red giants, and cramming equations like F=GM*M/r^into your brain for your college Physical Science 112 class, fear not.

This book has them all.

Wait, before you close this page, hear us out. While this book was written by three astrophysicists, it was written with us in mind—people who don’t want to die of dehydration while trekking through the dry desert of a textbook but still wonder about how a black hole spaghettifies objects. Yes, Welcome to the Universe is an entertaining and often humorous read that introduces you to the awesome splendor of the cosmos. Sure, there is some technical jargon thrown at you, and you will see equations, but, like we said, have no fear. You don’t have to take a test on them; instead, you can delight in skipping over them. Still, if you’re the type who loves the hardcore stuff, this book is for you too.

Give to: your husband, the amateur astronomer with that tiny telescope, or yourself, someone who can’t help but take a glance upwards on a clear night, in awe at the heavens.

Give with: this Moon necklace, a planisphere, or this beautiful vintage poster of the Moon’s phases.

Give as: a gift celebrating the beginning of summer—and the season of stargazing or a birthday gift to match your son’s space-themed party.

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