Warren Neary
Evening Light

$ 2,100.00

There is a beautiful sense of calm radiating from this original artwork by Warren Neary. At its focal point, we see the Provo City Center Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a pristine symbol of God’s love. We also see evidence of this same love in the natural beauty surrounding the temple—the sun sinking in the west, forest-coated summer mountains, and the carefully-kept foliage of the temple grounds. The reflecting pool gently invites us to reflect on the evidence and truth of God’s immense love for us in our own lives. 

Give to: someone who’s love has truly changed you; give this remarkable gift to someone who has sacrificed for you, prayed for you, wept with you, and has simply loved you for many, many years.

Give with: a handwritten note, a quiet hug, or any other simple expression of love. 

Give as: a special anniversary gift to celebrate a long-lasting and eternally beautiful marriage.


Oil on canvas
Framed size 23" x 31"