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Story of Holly & Ivy

Barbara Cooney's stunning illustrations bring this festive tale to life, capturing the warm spirit of Christmas. Enjoy the sweet story of Christmas wishes, enhanced with the luminous glow of Cooney's artistry and sure to become a holiday favorite.

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Measures 10.38" x 10.69"

32 pages.


Miss Rumphius

A little girl named Alice “sat on her grandfather’s knee and listened to his stories of faraway places.”  Alice too wanted to travel to faraway places but her grandfather admonished her “That is all very well, Little Alice, but you must do something more to make the world more beautiful.”

Thus begins this endearing story and a seemingly personal story by the author-illustrator Barbara Cooney, Caldecott medal recipient. Soon Little Alice is all grown up and now she is Aunt Alice-- but people called her Miss Rumphius. Her adventures continue and she is “almost perfectly happy,” but there is still one more thing I have to do…” See if you can find the exquisite page where she fulfills her grandfather’s wish.  Whether planting hopes and dreams for little ones while cuddled on a lap or actually planting seeds alongside a loving parent or grandparent, this lovely picture book is meant to be shared among generations.



I’m so proud of you--have a wonderful trip as you travel to exciting faraway places then come back and share your stories.

With love,

Aunt Emily



This book reminds me of you and the times we shared together---I’m so glad you are making this trip. Be safe and bring stories back to share.

-Aunt Amanda


Ann, (Neighbor)

Your green thumb makes this part of the world a more beautiful place!

With thanks, Kathy


Gift with: paints and brush set, seashell, or memento from a trip.

Gift to: a child, friend, gardener, graduate, teacher, or someone who is studying abroad. 

Occasion: birthday, graduation, visit with a relative.


Measures 8.3" x 10.4"

32 pages.



Ox-Cart Man

“Then he sold his ox, and kissed him goodbye on his nose.”  Author Donald Hall explains that Ox-Cart Man came “from a story that an old New Hampshire farmer told me.  After I wrote the poem I later turned it into a book.”  This rich story is beautifully illustrated by Barbara Cooney (Miss Rumphius).  The farmer fills up his ox cart with the wool sheared from his sheep, candles, linen from flax he grew, birch brooms his son constructed, potatoes, honeycomb, maple sugar, and the list goes on. After walking through the countryside he arrives at the market.  He sells the wool, the candles, the linen, the brooms, etc., and finally his ox and cart.  Once home he begins the process all over again---stitching a harness for the young ox in the barn who will pull next year’s cart.  Readers young and old will appreciate this beautifully crafted picture book accompanied by Hall’s simple prose.

Note: Donald Hall is a U. S. poet laureate and a National Medal of Art recipient.  He lived on the very farm where he spent summers as a boy which became the background for the poem “Ox-Cart Man.”  Also, Hall selected Barbara Cooney as an illustrator because her New England heritage and artistic style seemed like a perfect pairing for this picture book.  Cooney received the Caldecott Medal for this particular book which is a special 40th-anniversary edition.



The farmer in this book whittles and carves just like your great-grandpa Grant did.  I thought of both of you when I read this.  I’m sure I have his pocket knife--I’ll look for it and show you the next time we come for a visit.

Love, Grandpa


Jenny Rebecca,

Remember when we all went to Castle Dale and watched Uncle Ken shear his sheep and then Aunt Valoy showed us the rug she made on her loom?  Reading this book brought back good memories.  Add this to your collection.

Love, Mom


Look at the page where the farmer sells his ox and kisses him goodbye on his nose! Doesn’t that just remind you of Grandpa Jensen and his horses! Love this book---hope you do too.  Give your dogs a kiss for Grandpa J.

Love, Grams

Gift with: whittling knife, candle, wintergreen candy, mittens, or maple syrup.

Gift to: someone who works with their hands (quilter, woodworker, etc.), gardener, seamstress, animal lover, or naturalist.

Occasion: birthday, family get-together, or family road trip.