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Surprise Ball Orange

$ 20.50

In the toe of my Christmas stocking each year, buried beneath tiny trinkets and treats, I can always count on finding an orange. In olden days, toys, candies, and especially fresh fruit were rare. Receiving an orange in the toe of a stocking was an enormous gift. Unwrapping its peel was itself unwrapping a special present. And once opened, an orange's sweet segments represent the ability to share what you had with others.

Our Surprise Ball Orange is a delightful variation of this charming tradition. Inside its papery layers are 12 tiny surprises. Start at one end and unwrap... and unwrap... and unwrap! The ball is delightful for kids, teenagers, and adults alike.

Surprises inside vary by style and may include a vintage-inspired toy, keepsake, charm, gem, sweets, confetti popper, fortune, temporary tattoo, quote & more. 

Create a Tradition:

For a fun after-dinner activity, pass the orange from one person to the next. Each person shares a favorite Christmas memory, a favorite gift from the past, or a wish for the new year, then wraps until they find a surprise.

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