Slow Fires

$ 40.00

Cookbook that emphasizes recipes for braising, roasting, and grilling various dishes.

If you want to learn to braise, roast, or grill something new, then this book was written for you. The first three sections of Slow Fires focus on basic guidelines for each cooking technique—braising, roasting, or grilling—along with dozens of recipes. The fourth section contains “foundations and finishes” to main dishes, like homemade chicken broth or grilled corn.

So, whether you’re looking for something uniquely delicious like focaccia di stracchino, warm pizza-like crackers infused with cheese, or something a bit odd and exotic, like kaffir lime octopus with chickpeas and blistered peppers, this book will suitably satisfy your savory cravings.

Give to: your father-in-law, the Traeger guru, or your sister that loves to explore new foods.

Give with: a piece from our brass culinary set or from our stainless steel gold baking tools.

Give as: a gift to celebrate the Fourth of July, which is also national barbecue day, or as a unique addition to your mother’s cookbook library.

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