John Hafen
Scene in Draper

$ 13.50

John Hafen was one of several artists sent to Paris as art missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the late 1800’s. Their goal was to deepen their artistic ability and knowledge in preparation to paint murals for the temples of the Church. 

This painting depicts a calm forest scene somewhere in early Draper, Utah. In the shade of clustered branches, we, the viewers, peer out of a natural archway towards a countryside home heated by a summer sun. Hints of autumn appear in the yellowing leaves of some trees. With a touch of imagination, you can almost feel the hard-packed dirt beneath your boots, the gentle rustling of the wind and of creatures moving through the foliage, and the cheery chirping of a lone bird—the spiritual wonders of nature, captured forever in Hafen’s art. 

Give to: your sister, mother, or grandmother that loves to simply stare at and listen to the quiet wonders of nature. 

Give with: a unique vintage poster of common wildflowers or these florally designed classic books.

Give as: a simple gift to celebrate spring or summer.


Giclee print on canvas, available in multiple sizes. Sizes reflect print area and not total canvas size.

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