Sand Art Landscape

$ 60.00

Simple and surprising, you flip it over and watch it dazed as it builds a new landscape or you flip it and walk away slightly shocked by what was created in your absence.

It comes in two sizes. We love the simplicity of the smaller size and how you can change it's orientation. The Larger size has more creative potential within. Both of them have a small opening where the speed of sand flow can be changed by injecting or removing air bubbles. Its genius! We brought these in on a whim and have found ourselves consistently engaged by it.  

Give to: Anyone who sits at a desk and needs a bit of beauty around them. Or for anyone who seems to have it all. 

Give with: A copy of one of Dickens' novels. Our favorite is David Copperfield. 

Give as: We love giving it as a graduation gift because as a student you don't have time to indulge in slow acts of beauty. 


Small: 5.5 x 8.5”
Large: 9 x 13”

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