Recycled Glass Carafe

$ 37.00

In bistros across France, carafes are the mode for serving tap water to customers. We love these carafes for so many reasons. First, the glass fits on the carafe right-side up, so they can still hold water. The glasses are stackable, so whether you’re using it as a bedside accessory for one, or an afternoon brunch for several, the functionality remains the same. Not too big, not too small, not too modern, not too traditional--the just-right carafe. And they are made from recycled glass, giving them the faintest aqua tint.

Every kitchen may not need a carafe, but every nightstand does. It’s a game-changer for bedtimes and for bright mornings.

GIVE TO: literally anyone. It’s one of those rare items that makes life a little more pleasant, no matter who you are

GIVE WITH: a curl-up-in-bed novel, a lamp


24 oz and 6 oz

Shop our Carafe Bistro Brush for easier cleaning.

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