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Plique-a-jour Enamel Pilot Charm

$ 802.00

Plique-a-jour jewelry dates all the way back to the sixth century AD, but enjoyed a resurgence during the 1800 and 1900s. Named for its translucent quality (French for "letting in daylight"), the carefully-crafted enamel gives an effect similar to stained glass, and requires just as masterful an artistic hand to create.

This enamel pilot charm bears the Prop and Wings insignia, a mark used for the WWI and WWII US Army Air Corps. It may have been given to a pilot's sweetheart as he went to war, or it may have been awarded to a cadet after completing training.

The Prop and Wings in this charm are placed over an ivy leaf. Though the provenance of this particular piece was lost over time, there may be a connection to the 4th Infantry Division. In December of 1917, eight months after the declaration of the first World War, the 4th Infantry Division was organized to join British and French forces fighting across the Atlantic. This division fought in both World Wars, and were among the first to hit the beaches at Normandy on D-Day. Their unit insignia was an ivy leaf.

Paris hallmarked 18k gold
Charm measures 2 x 2 cm
Chain measures 18 in

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