Pelle's New Suit
by Elsa Beskow

$ 17.95

A personal favorite. Nothing comes from nothing. Pelle has grown out of his suit. No problem, he has a wooly little sheep. He trades family and friends chores for their domestic skills in carding, spinning, weaving, dyeing and even tailoring. His resourcefulness and willingness to work for an intended outcome paired with a detailed description of how to make an article of clothing are lessons we love to remember and pass on.  

Give to: the dapper gent in your life who appreciates a well-tailored suit. Or, give this to a youngster when he gets his first suit for a wedding, baptism to help him appreciate and properly care for it.

Give with: a bolt of wool or a skein of wool and a loom to inspire someone you love to make something of their own to be handed down for generations.

Give as: a token of appreciation to your aging parents for all the clothes they outfitted you with growing up in their home.

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