Pastoral Scene With Wildflowers

$ 1,600.00

An idyllic pastoral by an unknown artist. Part of the fun of finding antique art is imagining the people that created it. Was this a study of an amateur? Yet its shading and beauty suggests something more. Our Brought Home collection is not so much about provenance as it is about things that we find exquisitely beautiful and unique. So perhaps you remember spending a rare sunny day in Southern England, and this painting takes you back. Or maybe a day in Oxford is still on your bucket list and you find this painting aspirational. 


Framed: 19 x 14

Unframed: 15.5 x 10.5

(contemporary frame) Signed indistinctly (lower right). bears the stamp of Windsor and Alewitch, London, NW on verso. The early 20th century (c. 1910-20) plein air rendering of a small herd of milk cows on a sunny spring day was found near Oxford, England.