Linen Oven Mitt

$ 25.00

While variations of pot holders have existed for centuries, the official oven mitt was invented in the early 1870's, by Earl Mitt of Austin, Texas. It is said that he suffered a terrible burn whilst baking one of his favorite cakes-- resulting in permanent damage to his left hand. Attempting to keep himself safe against another possible burn, he created what we now know as the oven mitt; utlizing both wool and shoe leather in his simple design. Many have benefitted, and continue to benefit from his invention-- one which has saved many culinary fingers. Let's give a hand for Mr. Mitt!

The circular shape of our Linen Oven Mitt, combined with its pocketed exterior, make for a tool that can serve as both a pot holder and a glove! Designed to protect you in your varous kitchen pursuits, they are also attractive to the eye-- doubling as a vibrant dining room trivet! The linen material of these mitts is soft yet durable; known as the strongest natural fiber in the world.


These little mitts brightened my day when I saw them. Perhaps they'll bring a bit of fun to your kitchen, and a smile to your face. Now you can bake in style!

Much love, Charlotte

Gift with: a gold baking sheet, cupcake baking cups, or a linen apron

Give to: a parent or friend who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, a new neighbor, a newlywed couple

Occasion: Mother's or Father's Day, a friend's kitchen remodel, a warm neighborhood welcome, a bridal shower


Size: 8.25" diameter

100% pure linen

Made in India

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