Studio Ruler

$ 32.00

Back-to-school shopping was arguably my favorite time of year as a little girl. Nothing was more thrilling to my eager young scholastic heart than wandering the aisles of the office supply store, breathing deeply the smell of ink and paper, leafing through the stacks of Lisa Frank folders, and choosing which set of pencils would best express my elementary aesthetic that year.

I still enjoy buying desk supplies more than I probably ought to. But as I’ve grown, so has my approach to setting up my workspace. I try to be careful about the tools I purchase: I aim for products that are designed with beauty and longevity in mind--the kinds of tools I buy only once and use for the rest of my life.

Which is why I love these rulers. Solid brass or steel, with metrics engraved in the metal so they don’t rub off. It’s the kind of thing that dresses up a pencil holder or a desktop, the kind of thing my someday-architect grandson will cherish inheriting.


Studio Ruler features imperial and metric measurements, with a hole on one end for hanging. Solid brass. 12" in length.

Dual Ruler features imperial and metric measurements. Hard tempered steel and 24k gold plate. Made in Italy. 9.25" in length

Letter Opener Ruler features imperial measurement. Hard tempered steel and 24k gold plate. Made in Italy. 7.5" in length

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