Jeanne Jewelry

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Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue. Blue is the color of wisdom. This jewelry is a symbol for us of the indomitable Jeanne d'Arc. For the last few years, we have become rather enamored with Joan of Arc. So inspired by her faith, courage, and humility we find that this simple gold jewelry is rather perfectly inspired by her and her story. Read one of our favorite retellings of Joan's vision and mission: Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain. While Twain was well known for his satirical commentaries on the world, this book was the one he called his life's work. While is satire is present, there is a certain admiration for Joan that cannot be ignored. We love this simple gold jewelry to represent Jeanne d'Arc, with its cross and touch of blue enamel.

The jewels also need to take a break and put in their case before going to bed. You'll find them dazzling the next day, after your beauty routine.



  • Hairclip: 2.76" long
  • Ring: a thin band with a medal in the center that measures 0.39" in diameter

Made of brass gilded with fine 24k gold and hand-applied blue enamel.

Made in Paris, France by Louise Damas.

Care instructions: don't let them have a bath, but if they escape your attention, rub them with talc and a soft cloth to keep their radiance. Even if they're scared of water, they can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth.