Luckenbooth Brooch Silver Crown

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Romantic jewelry has been exchanged for thousands of years and in cultures around the world. The Luckenbooth, a Scottish style love token, became popular as a wedding gift between husband and wife as well as a symbol of love and loyalty. Styled as a brooch, ring, or charm, the Luckenbooth was originally crafted amongst the silversmiths of Edinburgh during the 16th century, and sold in the many "locked booths" along the Royal Mile. Like many other European love tokens of the time this features a heart and crown symbolizing love and loyalty.  Commonly exchanged early on in engagement or marriage, this symbol became a way to ward off evil from the relationship. A nursing mother might wear it to keep her milk flowing strong, or pin it to her baby's clothing to keep him or her from harm. Luckenbooth brooches are still made in Edinburgh today. 

This particular piece features a single heart with a crown.

Made in Edinburgh around 1968-69
Brooch measures 3.5 x 4.3 cm 

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