Letterpress Living Christ

$ 60.00

A beautiful letterpress printed design inspired by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Icons and symbols adorn the decorative border, referencing some of the recognizable representations of Christian history, while other elements of the design are conveyed more abstractly. 

This beautiful and eloquently written document is a powerful testimony of Jesus Christ—who He is, what He accomplished, and how He can help us today.

Give to: your sister, one of the ultimate examples of Christlike love in your life. 

Give with: a handwritten scripture, note, testimony, or any other expression of love. 

Give as: an anniversary gift, a wedding gift, or to celebrate the writing of this document on January 1st.


The design is 12x16" on a 16x20" sheet of Crane Lettra paper—a standard frame size. 
This ships rolled.

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