Flying Animal Kites

$ 66.00

There is no better harbinger of spring than kite-flying, and our animal kites add an extra bit of charm to your soaring. Each kite has unique personality in flight. The crane's gangly legs dangle, the bat's wings flutter, the owl soars majestically, and the swallow's tell-tale tail keeps it afloat as it dives and climbs. Take them as feathery companions on your springtime outings, and hang from your bedroom ceiling to store between flights, a gentle, happy memory of afternoons outside.

Add a Sailing Ship Kite to your collection and start your own fleet of fliers.


Bat: Wingspan: 24"
Wingspan: 24"
Crane: Measures 56" by 40" in flight
Swallow: Measures 13" x 28" assembled
Made of bamboo and terylene silk
Comes with basic flying twine and easy assembly instructions
Handmade by master kite-makers in Weifang, China

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