Jorge Cocco
Ten Virgins

$ 3,875.00

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Dimensions: 14" x 18.5"
Oil on board

The location of the two groups is clearly differentiated; it serves to describe the tale and to provide symbolism.

A) The group of the foolish virgins on the left are placed in the background of the room and contained or enclosed in a virtual rectangle of blue and purple hues with low light. Their expression is obviously passive.

B) The group of the five wise virgins is in the foreground, to the right of the painting, changing to warmer color tones connecting with the yellow-orange light from the exterior. In that area it is evident the proximity of the group accompanying the husband. The attitude of these five figures is expectant, in controlled dynamic and collaborative gestures. The balance and unity of the scene was achieved by distributing the light and dark planes and by arranging the composite structure of open shapes.

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