Jorge Cocco
Giclee Print
Cast the Net and Ye Shall Find

$ 139.99

The ship with the net is suggested as suspended in space, symbolizing the uncertainty the apostles must have felt when their leader was crucified. One of the benefits of using cubism is that it allowed me to blur a part of the object while leaving the other part visible. Logically, I needed to show that the ship was on water, but I was able to play with reality and the psychological sensation of the apostles. Besides the disappointment they felt by being separated from their Master, they could not catch any fish.

The solid figure of the Savior shows that he is real and commands all things. Sitting down he builds a fire, symbolizing that he is the one that purifies and illuminates, and prepares a place for them.   

Giclee on canvas. Sizes reflect canvas size. Framed.

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