Gurgle Pot

$ 45.00

A genius invention that gulps as you pour. It’s always good for a smile.

Meals are an important part of creating a warm environment at home and making them memorable and joyful is the goal. The actual food might be forgotten but the feeling will remain. Adding an element of surprise to your table will help enchant your family and guests, endearing them to their place in your home.

The shape may seem odd at first but fish are powerful symbols of the abundant life. Pilgrims were taught to plant fish with the corn to increase crop yields. Early Christians used a symbol of a fish to identify each other under heavy persecution. This pot will bring a laugh all on its own but if you are deliberate it can lead to rich conversation.

Crafted of durable stoneware.
Holds 42 oz.
9.5"H, 4"W, 6.75"L

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