Gold Pewter Swallow Hook

$ 13.00

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For centuries, the swallow has been a symbol of home and family for communities across Europe. Swallows mate for life and always return home to their nest, sometimes building whole communities of nests on the sides of homes where they will return to again and again for years. On the English coast, it is said that when ships return home from a long voyage, while they are still a ways off from land, the swallows fly out to meet them and lead them safely in. Villages in the Swiss alps fix hand-carved wooden swallows in the eaves of their barns, believing it will bring good luck to their harvest.

Bring some luck, safety, and warmth to your nest with the Swallow Hook. Perfect for hanging hats, scarves, fresh-picked flowers, and other trappings from the day's outings.


Sold individually.
Measures 4.5" length by 2" diameter.
Hanging hardware not included.

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