Glass Teapot and Warmer

$ 32.00

We have been looking for the right teapot for years. Something timeless, but also relevant. And while only time will tell, we think we have found one that gives a good impression. It is made of borosilicate glass, which is delicate but also highly resistant to thermal shock, making it ideal for hot or cold liquids. This teapot and warmer (the true purpose of a tealight, is to be placed in a warmer to keep your tea at the perfect temperature for hours) are stunning with its built in steeping mechanism and classic shape. Truly a delight. 

Designed in California.


GIVE WITH: A blend of your favorite steeping herbs, a stem of ginger, and some local honey. A little tea egg can't hurt either.

GIVE TO: the person in your life that is perpetually cold, or who puts their cold feet on you at night.

GIVE AS: an offering of friendship as the best conversations happen when you put the kettle on and keep the tea warm. 


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