Galileo Thermometer

$ 23.00

In 1593, Galileo invented the rudimentary water thermoscope, which allowed temperature variations to be measured for the first time. A vessel containing bulbs of various mass, with individual numerical markings, the water's buoyancy changes with the temperature. Some bulbs will sink while others float; the lowest bulb indicating the correct temperature.

Sit back and watch this rainbow spectrum of glass orbs rise and fall-- who knew you could be dazzled by degrees? Includes metal tags presenting both Celsius and Fahrenheit, and a sturdy wooden base. 


Many congratulations on your promotion! You deserve this more than anyone. I hope that this will serve as a vibrant desktop token to remind you of your achievement, and to make you smile on gloomy days.

Love, Anna

Gift with: a book about Galileo, a microfiber cloth to keep the glass shining

Give to: A Mother who has a taste for eye-catching decor, a boss or colleague, a child who is interested in science

Occasion: housewarming, a colleague's promotion


Materials: Glass globe & wooden base
Dimensions: W-4.25" x H-3.25" x L-0"

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