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French Glass

$ 19.95

The French have a rich tradition of beautiful crystalware: from King Louis XV’s glassworks in the small village of Baccarat, to the works of René Lalique during the Belle Époque. But during the Depression, crystal became too expensive and most homes had to turn to cheaper options, the most popular being pressed glass. A tell-tale sign that glass is pressed are the seams down the sides, made from the cast iron molds the glass was poured into.

Our collection of French glass is reminiscent of Depression-era dishes, with the weight of antique pressed glass and the clarity of crystal. The set is priced true to the economy of the era from which they are inspired. Each dish has French embossed on the front: sucre, lait, beurre, sel, miel.

Give to: the francophile, the newlyweds, the baker

Give as: a housewarming gift

Give with: sea salt flakes and local honey


Honey Jar dimensions: 4.5' x 6.5' inch high, dipper 5.5' inches long
Sugar Bowl dimensions: 4.9' x 4.8' x 4.2' inches
Creamer dimensions 4.25" x 5" holds approximately 12 oz. 
Salt Cellar d
imensions: 4.75 x 4.75 x 3.375

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