Flora Wax Seal Set

$ 46.00

There is something really satisfying about sealing a letter with wax, but breaking it open is even better. It is time consuming and antiquated but, the process is truly delightful.

Dripping the hot wax onto the parchment and watching your seal take shape brings about a permanence and meaning to the communication you have written.

Choosing your seal should be something symbolic that has meaning to you. For our wedding invitations, my husband and I chose a thistle as our seal. We met in Scotland, and the thistle is the national flower of Scotland and we felt it was a fitting tribute to the land where we fell in love.

This calligraphy wax seal set comes in an elegant black box with a metal fleur de lis seal engraved with an olive branch, and two gold wax seal sticks. Each of the floral motifs displayed here has a symbolic meaning, so choose wisely.

Give to: the person in your life who loves to do things the old-fashioned way.

Give with: a letter opener from our collection of stunning desk accessories.

Give as: a reminder to always seal your love with sincerity. 

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