Film Photographs by Carolyn Carter

$ 6.00


I was given my grandfather's Minolta X-9 film camera years after he died. My uncle said it had been sitting in his closet, and he thought I might enjoy using it. It sat on my shelf for a couple of years, more as a novelty than an actual tool. Then the world of photography shifted from DSLRs to smartphone cameras, and I found my relationship with photography, once a cherished art form I loved practicing and mastering, instead completely devoid, lackluster, and uninspiring.

So I pulled out grandpa's camera and began shooting in film.

I now travel with only my film camera. The thirty-six frames in each roll return to me--everyone--a mystery, a much-anticipated gift, a memory tucked away and, when again reopened, a surprise. In the film, I have again become careful and conscious of the pictures I take, deliberate about composition, and intentional about what I use my frames towards. I want each to tell a story. And when the roll comes back, I savor each shot, each a tiny memory of my time in the world.

Printed with a 0.125" white border.

Shot with 35mm film.

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Measures 4" x 6".

Made of matte photo paper.

Printed in Utah.