Doll Strollers and Prams

$ 72.00


Introducing Doll Strollers and Prams that are both dreamy and delightful! Get your dolly ready for a cozy, comfy ride in their delightful, organic cotton stroller - perfect for an outdoor stroll on a breezy summer day. Plus, since it's easy to fold and store, your little one can bring their dolly on all their trips! (What a doll!)


Measures: height 56 cm, width 27 cm and depth 46 cm.
Made of: 50% recycled cotton 50% cotton
Made in: Iceland

Measures: 45 x 16.5 x 67 cm.
Made of: 50% recycled cotton, 50% cotton filling, 100% recycled polyester steel 100% iron
Made in: Iceland