Desktop Ping-Pong

$ 7.95

Invented in England during the 20th-century, table-tennis or "Ping-Pong", made its start as a humble parlor game. In a matter of a few short years, travelling English salesmen planted the seeds of a sport that would soon be played all over the world!

Perfect for the family that loves table tennis, but doesn't own a Ping-Pong table of their own-- this set will turn any table into one worthy of a high-stakes match. Includes 2 wooden suction cup poles, 1 net, 1 ball, and 2 paddles.


This mini set brought me back to when you were little. Remember all of the Ping-Pong matches that we played in Grandpop's basement? Perhaps you can pass the tradition along to your little ones.

Love always, Dad

Gift with: a matching sweatband and armbands, a reusable water bottle

Give to: a friend who loves the game, a child who adores miniatures, a retired father and mother who would appreciate something new

Occasion: a family game night, on-the-go entertainment for kids, a birthday of a loved one who enjoys sports but is physically inhibited in some way


Measures 4.4 by 1.1 by 4.4-Inches

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