David Grayson Books

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“The best partners of solitude are books. I like to take a book with me in my pocket, although I find the world so full of interesting things—sights, sounds, odors—that often I never read a word in it. It is like having a valued friend with you, though you walk for miles without saying a word to him or he to you: but if you really know your friend, it is a curious thing how, subconsciously, you are aware of what he is thinking and feeling about this hillside or that distant view. And so it is with books.” --David Grayson, Great Possessions

David Grayson is a fairly new author to us, but his works have influenced generations. Grayson was a city journalist for many years, before making a formative move to the country. His move to the country influence the writing of his books, comparing and contrasting the differences between country and city life, politics, community, and so much more. 


Measures 5" x 7.5".