Som Cane Cordial

$ 24.00

I always remember the part in Anne of Green Gables, where Anne and Diana are excited to have a tea party with raspberry cordial. Unfortunately they mistakenly take the mulled wine instead of the cordial, and naturally chaos ensues. However, cordials are naturally a delightful necessity for a tea party. 

Tart, sweet, and bold. Cordials are meant to add flavor to your life and the things that you drink (or eat). For the past few years, we have been falling in love with cordials. Essentially, a cordial is a concentrated liquid flavoring that you mix into other things to infuse them with an extra layer of flavor. My favorite way to use them is to mix in with ice water for a summer drink. During the winter months we mix them with hot water, for a warm treat, or mix in with an herbal tea. Sometimes I put a bit into my smoothies if I want to change up the flavors or pour some over shaved ice for a homemade snow cone. We are so excited to share these with you!

Mix 1 part SOM with 4 parts water (or soda water) for a refreshing summer drink or craft soda, or add it to hot water for a warm winter drink.

Give to: The girls that you want to have a tea party with.

Give with: A copy of Anne of Green Gables

Give as: A reminder to keep life flavorful


16.9 fl oz (500ml)

Made in Portland

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