Christopher's Garden
by Elsa Beskow

$ 17.95

A lusciously illustrated garden dream where Elsa captures the living spirit of each plant. Thorny Blackberries with a sour face. The plump and proud strawberry mother parading her children. The matronly apple tree so sweet and wise. The harvest depicted is an art worth preserving. This book will likely inspire a trip to your nearest raspberry patch.

Give with: a pint of strawberries, glass jam jars, or a set of french paring knives as a pick me up or a thank you.  

Give to: your mom, aunt or grandma who kept your pantry stocked for the winter with jars of homemade raspberry jam, chutneys and halved pears.

Give as: a shower gift extending wishes of a fruitful and abundant life to a bride or a baby.

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