Box of Nails Puzzles

$ 30.00

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In a time when entertainment is cheap and largely digital, these puzzles may seem uninteresting and irrelevant. Who wants to jiggle some metal until it comes apart? Well, hear us out; it’s more fun than you might think. The thing about puzzles is that they require you to engage your mind, which can be frustratingly hard work sometimes. Still, the reward of solving a puzzle is strangely satisfying in a way that only real effort, not passive entertainment, produces.  

Give to: your brother that could use a break from the Rubik’s cube or to your grandmother that simply loves puzzles.

Give with: one of our matchbox puzzles or these paper games.

Give as: a gift to celebrate Sherlock Holmes’ birthday (January 6th) or as the beginning of a treasure hunt for the grandkids.


Includes: 5 puzzles
Product Dimensions: 4.6 x 27.4 x 13 cm


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