Bird Call

$ 64.00

Each of these extremely accurate bird calls takes years to develop and are the creation of Monsieur Morel who has been making calls since he was a child in the mountains of southern France. Your call will allow you to learn to recognize birds by their song, to communicate with them, to discover, observe and love them – this, according to M. Morel, is “without doubt a first step in understanding the secret of happiness.” Slowly and conscientiously created from lasting materials such as boxwood, maple, beech, leather and brass, these are wonderful gifts to share between generations. Sold individually (in wooden boxes) or in special sets (divided wooden boxes).

Give to: a bird lover with an observant eye or someone who is so busy and needs to take a break and go outside.  

Give as: a reminder to use all of our senses in the observation of the world around us.

Give with: Observer's Notebook Trees and Observer's Notebook Birds

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